Stop Smoking

AlterScape_Smoking_CDYou are capable of attaining any goal you desire. The secret rests in your capacity to harness the power of positive thinking and creative visualization by tapping into your subconscious mind. We are committed to helping you overcome any obstacle to eliminate cigarettes from your life so you live longer and feel healthier today!

Our goal at AlterScape is to train your mind to automatically access the thinking patterns and visualization techniques necessary to attain your goals quickly and with minimum effort.

Dr. Zubin Mistry will begin to direct your subconscious mind to simply eliminate the need for a cigarette. You will easily and permanently eliminate the urges and desires to reach for a cigarette the very first time you listen to your CD.

Your hypnotic CD will leave you feeling completely at ease around others who smoke. You will experience the power of hypnosis first-hand knowing you have eliminated cigarettes from your lifestyle permanently.

By listening to your CD often you will experience a relaxed, smoke-free mindset throughout your day. You will feel comfortable in social settings knowing that cigarettes no longer dictate your behaviors or limit your social environments. Your hypnotic CD will assist you with maintaining control over your eating pattern while eliminating the need for cigarettes completely. You will virtually eliminate the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting and maintain a stress-free lifestyle.

Listen and eliminate the hold cigarettes have over you today! Embrace the power of hypnosis to stop smoking and alter your life.



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