Post-Surgery Recovery

AlterScape_Post-Surgery_CDYou are capable of attaining any goal you desire. The secret rests in your capacity to harness the power of positive thinking and creative visualization by tapping into your subconscious mind. We are committed to helping you overcome any obstacle so that you recover as quickly as possible following your surgery and actually begin the healing process during the surgical procedure!

Our goal at AlterScape is to train your mind to automatically access the thinking patterns and visualization techniques necessary to attain your goals quickly and with minimum effort.

Dr. Zubin Mistry will begin to direct your subconscious mind to embrace the healing process and actually accelerate your healing experience the moment you undergo your procedure! Through the use of hypnotic conditioning and suggestions, a positive and confident mindset will be established to eliminate any subconscious hesitation that could adversely impact the rate of healing following your surgery. You will be amazed at how quickly you resume your optimal level of functioning after your surgical procedure. The hypnotic suggestions will promote a rapid recovery with minimal discomfort – significantly reducing the need for pain medication post-surgery.

Your hypnotic CD will promote the most positive surgical outcome and healing process possible while eliminating your post-surgery anxiety and discomfort. You will learn to align your mind and body to create the ideal balance to promote rapid recovery.

By listening to your CD often you will create an optimal mindset promoting a rapid and pain free recovery following surgery. You will resume your optimal activity level in record time while promoting the feeling of control and comfort following your surgical procedure.

Listen and be well-prepared for your upcoming surgery today! Embrace the power of hypnosis to accelerate your post-surgery healing process and alter your life.





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