Improve Your Confidence

AlterScape_Confidence_CDYou are capable of attaining any goal you desire. The secret rests in your capacity to harness the power of positive thinking and creative visualization by tapping into your subconscious mind. We are committed to helping you overcome any obstacle to believe in yourself and feel more empowered today!

Our goal at AlterScape is to train your mind to automatically access the thinking patterns and visualization techniques necessary to attain your goals quickly and with minimum effort.

Dr. Zubin Mistry will begin to direct your subconscious mind to change the way you think about yourself the very first time you listen to your CD! Through the power of hypnosis you will realize and accept that you are an important person with a lot to contribute to the world. You will begin to believe in and trust yourself. Your friends and acquaintances will notice the difference in the way you present yourself.

Your hypnotic CD will help you to erase the self-limiting beliefs associated with failure. You will realize that your desires, beliefs and aspirations are easily attainable and that you can achieve your dreams.

By listening to your CD often you will experience changes in the way you feel about yourself, demonstrating a more confident and relaxed approach to the world around you. You will feel more at ease in social situations and experience a sense of control that will be noticed by your friends, family and co-workers.

Listen and become the person you want to be today! Embrace the power of hypnosis to improve your self-confidence and alter your life.





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